Northwest NEWS

April 24, 2000

Local News

Police Beat

   April 14: A 23-year-old Everett woman is under investigation for embezzling at least $8,000 from a Woodinville bank. After the bank's head office alerted the local branch of the discrepancy, the branch manager noticed the woman appeared flushed and upset. He asked her if something was wrong, and she told him she "had made a serious error in judgment." He asked her to talk to him outside, where she broke down crying and confessed the theft. He told officers that she had asked him if he could "just forget about it" if she could get the money back to the bank. The manager fired her. He told officers that an audit by the head office might show more money missing.

   April 19: Two females, 15 and 34, former employees of a restaurant in the 14400 block of Woodinville-Redmond Rd., entered the restaurant just after 1 p.m. The younger woman walked into the back of the restaurant where the employees' area and restrooms are located. One current female employee followed her, unobserved, and saw the girl grab the employee's purse and take it into the restroom. She opened the door and saw the girl's hands in her purse. The suspect said nothing when the victim confronted her and fled the restaurant with her friend. The victim told police only two dollars were missing from her purse, and that she would assist prosecution. Officers arrested the girl for third-degree theft, and referred the case to King County Juvenile Court investigators for prosecution.