Northwest NEWS

May 1, 2000


Hopefully, it won't take a fatality to make changes at intersection

[This is a copy of a letter sent to King County Councilmember Louise Miller.]

   The intersection at NE 165th St. and Avondale Rd. should be improved for safety. In my opinion, it is the most dangerous intersection in the Woodinville area. On March 14, I was involved in a serious accident while turning left onto NE 165th.

   I am not the only person that feels that some action needs to be taken. I personally know five other people who have all been involved in different accidents at this intersection within the last few years. Something needs to be done quickly for the safety of drivers.

   I was a passenger in a friend's car on the way home from school when the collision occurred. We were travelling south on Avondale Rd., trying to make a left turn onto 165th. A car traveling in the opposite direction was stopped and was letting us make the turn.

   While we were in the middle of the turn, a car heading north drove onto the shoulder around the stopped car and broadsided us. The police concluded that the car was going at least 40 miles per hour. Both cars were completely destroyed and I ended up with a severe concussion. This type of situation occurs often at this intersection.

   Many other people can tell you that this intersection needs to be improved. I bet if you looked at the history of the accidents, you would be surprised at the numbers. There are, at the very least, five people who have gotten in an accident at 165th and Avondale Rd. within the last couple of years.

   One victim of these accidents suffered a serious concussion and a broken nose. The rest of my friends were also injured in one way or another. So far, nothing tragic has happened, but I hope that it is not going to take a fatality before action is taken.

   A good majority of the community and I would like a traffic light at this busy intersection. We feel that this would stop almost all of the accidents that occur. If a traffic light is not a possibility, then I think that a left-hand turn lane is definitely necessary. This would help prevent cars from illegally travelling onto the shoulder to go around stopped cars.

   Please do something to make this intersection safer for all people. I would like to know if there is anything else that I could do to improve the safety of this intersection. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Nick Questad, Woodinville