Northwest NEWS

May 1, 2000


Showdown is common-sense growth management

   This letter is in response to the criticism of David Irons, Jr. in the April 17 issue of the Valley View. I'm writing in defense of our King County Council Representative of District 12, David Irons, Jr. It should be noted that the letter writer was a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee that created the original proposed Fall City Subarea Plan, so naturally he supports the original plan.

   The writer stated, "Without any public meetings whatsoever, he made 14 amendments to the plan..." This is not true. David Irons held a public meeting in Fall City devoted solely to public comments on Ron Sims' Fall City Subarea Plan recommendations. There were numerous outcries and objections to the plan expressed by several citizens.

   In addition, the Growth Management Committee subsequently held a public meeting at Fall City, devoted again solely to receive public comments on the proposed Fall City Subarea Plan. Again, there were public outcries over parts of the Subarea Plan.

   After these two public meetings were held, Irons presented his proposed amendments to the Growth Management Committee. What was wrong with that? Derdowski tried to add several amendments to the proposed plan without discussing the amendments in any previous public meeting.

   Derdowski wrote amendments during his final meeting as a councilperson on King County Council. Derdowski and the Citizens Advisory Committee were intent on getting the plan passed on December 13, 1999. Fortunately, the King County Council recognized that Fall City should not be denied the normal due process that had been afforded to the other two rural towns in King County, and the plan was deferred until 2000.

   I do not believe the Fall City Subarea Plan amendments will be a partisan showdown. The Citizens Advisory Committee solicited public input and discarded much of it. The showdown is common-sense growth management against the radical no-growth plan recommended by the Citizens Advisory Committee and Ron Sims.

Audrey A. Schroeder, Preston