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May 1, 2000

Local News

Kenmore chooses 'Good Ol' Days' theme

   "Good Ol' Days" will be the theme of this year's festival in Kenmore to be held Sunday, Sept. 17. The event will celebrate Kenmore's Scottish heritage and colorful early days.

   The family-oriented celebration will feature a parade and lots of music, entertainment, and activities for kids of all ages. Look for bagpipers and plaid as Kenmore celebrates its roots traced back to its namesake, Kenmore, Scotland. There will also be reminders of early logging days and river transportation.

   Kim Evans and Tom Traeger will co-chair the event. They are focusing on participation by schools, pre-schools, sports teams, youth groups, churches, PTAs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire, and other youth-oriented organizations. Invitations are now being distributed to these groups, as well as civic and community organizations.

   Co-chair Kim Evans said, "We want to include activities and entertainment for the kids that their parents and grandparents may have enjoyed, as well as those popular today."

   For more information, call Co-Chairs Kim Evans at 425-481-7468, or Tom Traeger at 425-488-2818.