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May 1, 2000

Valley Special

Two state 'Reflections' winners from Riverview School District

Kelsey Henson

Kelsey Henson.

   CARNATION--Riverview School District has announced that two PTSA sponsored state "Reflections" winners are from the Riverview District. The Reflections contest has different categories of art, literature, and visual arts.

   Tolt Middle School eighth grade student Hannah Stern won Second Place in Visual Arts, and an Honorable Mention in Literature. Stillwater second grader Kelsey Henson won Second Place in the Primary Literature category.

   Both students will be honored at a convention for State winners on Sunday, May 7.

Anything is Possible in a Book

by Kelsey Henson

A story can start very tragic, but with fairy dust, turn to magic.
Unicorns fly, and dragons, too, rabbits can be green or blue.
A Dalmatian could have red spots and elephants have polka dots.
The magic from a wand can turn a puddle to a pond.
Ballerinas twirl and dance, horses love to jump and prance.
Cows can wear glasses and cougars wear shoes,
Agiraffe can wear clothing, and pigs can, too.
A newt can tell a joke, an octopus likes to tease and poke.
Frogs leap and bounce, cats like to play and pounce.
Dinosaurs and snowmen come alive, bears get honey from a hive.
Learn about how rockets fly and the planets in the sky.
Read about hurricanes that blow and what makes lava flow.
Just turn the pages and take a look, anything is possible in a book.