Northwest NEWS

May 8, 2000


Passing on the right is illegal and unsafe

   In response to Nick Questad's letter appearing in the May 1st edition of the Woodinville Weekly, I AGREE! Nick would like to see something done to make the intersection of 165th St. and Avondale Road safer, after having been involved in a traffic accident there on March 14th.

   On that day, I was crossing Avondale at 165th back in to our neighborhood just after the accident had happened. It looked pretty bad--I remember thinking, "I sure hope everyone in those cars made it." And it was obvious to me how the accident had occurred. Some driver just couldn't be held up by the car in front of him making a left turn, and decided to pass on the right. Unfortunately, the car Nick was in was broadsided.

   Every day, I wait to cross at that intersection, going to and coming from work, and every day, I watch drivers pass stopped traffic on the right. One afternoon as I waited to cross eastbound, a teacher from Cottage Lake Elementary zipped past and almost took my front end off with his car! Another morning, my husband waited to cross Avondale, and a Metro Bus did the same thing, missing his car by the thickness of the paint job!

   People, this is illegal! Yes, I completely concur with Nick and many others that something needs to be done here. But until we can get a signal in, the first step toward a safer intersection would be the drivers taking responsibility and remembering that it is illegal and very dangerous to pass on the right!

Marilyn Fullmer, Woodinville