Northwest NEWS

May 8, 2000


Snoqualmie Valley is overdeveloped

   It's time for all of us who live in this valley to stand up and help protect it from unrestricted growth.

   Finding out that the King County DOT planners and Ron Sims intentionally approved the Quadrant development, knowing all along the road infrastructure could not handle the increased number of commuters, makes me angry. It does not take a study for someone who commutes to know that the addition of 4,000 new homes and some 8,000 more cars on Novelty Hill Road and Avondale will cause gridlock and plenty of frustration.

   Novelty Hill Road should have been widened from the start, with the costs applied to the developer, not the taxpayers. I hope that the voters of Snoqualmie Valley hold Ron Sims and the DOT accountable for injustice and blatant disregard for people of Snoqualmie Valley. They cleary do not have our best interests in mind but rather have catered to a large and wealthy developer.

   In addition to the Quadrant mess, we also are in a fight to stop the Duvall Quarry. Of course backers of the quarry are telling us that we won't even notice the quarry or be affected by its activities.

   Has anyone been stuck behind a Cadman dump truck traveling 10mph on Woodinville-Duvall Road? Does it affect your commute and temperament? Not only will the large numbers of slow-moving trucks affect the traffic, but the quarry itself will further affect wildlife, the wetlands, a natural waterfall and a creek, be a source of noise, pollution, and dust, and decrease property values.

   I plan to become more involved in local issues and urge others to do the same. Let's all pull together and do our best for this Valley.

Bill Marson, Duvall