Northwest NEWS

May 8, 2000


Friends of Cherry Valley is not the only opponent

   I would like to respond to Mr. Jackel's letter in the April 3rd issue of the Valley View.

   He said Friends of Cherry Valley boycotted his presentation, and then he said, "Successful for them? Yes. Successful for the citizens of Duvall and Cherry Valley? No."

   I do understand how it will benefit Mr. Jackels--a lot of money for him. Maybe I should have gone to his meeting, as I wonder how he planned to convince us his quarry could "benefit" Cherry Valley and the citizens of Duvall.

   We don't need anyone to tell us how it will "affect" our valley. We know that already. But does Mr. Jackels?

   I suggest he ask the realtors how business is around the quarry site. Then ask the City of Duvall what they think of the truck traffic. Next, he should ask the school how they feel about the noise. Then he could contact the local Audubon Society and find out what they think it will do to their bird preserve. Following that, he might contact the bird people who use the fields below the proposed site and ask their opinion of what his quarry will do to their trails and dog training.

   Next, let him ask the organizations trying to preserve the fish how they feel it would affect the endangered species of salmon. He should contact the Snoqualmie Tribe and ask how they feel about an area sacred to their tribe being destroyed. Mr. Jackels certainly should contact homeowners who have wells and find out if they think the quarry will be a good thing for them.

   And he definitely must contact families who live beside the site and find out if they feel a quarry in their front yard will be beneficial. He might even call those who have decided to move to get away from the quarry--and find out if they can sell their homes.

   Next, he could contact groups who care about protecting wildlife and see if they think his quarry will benefit the animals. He could document how beneficial destroying a wetland and wild animal corridor is to the wildlife.

   Perhaps Mr. Jackels would discover Friends of Cherry Valley is not his only opponent.

Jason E. Theriault, Duvall