Northwest NEWS

May 8, 2000


Six Northshore residents honored at YMCA ceremony

   At the YMCA of Greater Seattle's 123rd annual meeting, held at the new Golf Club at Newcastle, six Northshore volunteers were among those honored.

   Policy Volunteer of the Year (provides organizational leadership and strategic direction): Brad Norton has been a member of the Northshore YMCA Board since 1994, serving on numerous committees and has held various offices. In 1999, Brad developed a plan for a family addition to the Northshore YMCA. Brad is also involved with the Northshore Rotary, Northshore Chamber of Commerce, and the Bothell Economic Development Partnership.

   Youth Volunteer of the Year (offers youthful energy, enthusiasm, and insight into making the community a better place for all ages): Stephanie Taylor has volunteered for numerous Northshore YMCA programs, including the Single Parent Family Forum, Holiday Dinner, Kids' Night Out and Teen Nights, and the YMCA Leaders Club. She is a sophomore at Mountlake Terrace High School, where she is active in choir, swim team, and drama club.

   Program Volunteer of the Year (helps the YMCA to stretch every dollar to deliver positive programs): Pete Gills spends more than 25 hours a month coaching the Masters Swim Team at the Northshore YMCA. His dedication to the success of the members is demonstrated by the continuous growth of and teamwork displayed by the Masters Swim Team. Pete is a program manager at Microsoft.

   Financial Development Volunteer of the Year (leads successful fundraising efforts and the "Step Up For Kids" capital campaign): Jim Grant and Pete Lance have together been an inspiration to those who know them, as well as a force to reckon with. In 1999, the pair spearheaded the Partners With Youth Campaign effort to involve the Parent-Child program for the first time in Northshore YMCA history, encouraging more than 40 dads to raise more than $25,000 in their first year as campaigners. Their efforts have laid a foundation for years to come.

   Active Older Adult Volunteer of the Year (provides older adults with opportunities to create healthy and productive lives for themselves and the community): Ray Moore has earned the nickname of "Postman" Ray by making the daily post office run to deliver and retrieve the mail. He says that the "hour a day" he currently volunteers for the Northshore YMCA gives him a purpose and a way to give back to his family and friends.