Northwest NEWS

May 8, 2000

Local News

Police Beat

   April 28: A car was reported stolen in the 197th & 131st block area of Woodinville.

   April 29: An eighteen-year-old female was arrested for disorderly conduct and liquor violations after reportedly screaming outside of a residence.

   April 30: Police were called to a residence following reports of a drunken male banging against the resident's front door calling for someone who did not live at the home. Police removed the suspect.

   May 1: A 22-year-old male was charged with hit-and-run after he and another male became involved in a fight and he drove a car into several buildings. The suspect told police the car had been carjacked at knifepoint with the only set of keys in it, but when asked if he had the keys to open the trunk, the suspect produced a set of keys. The suspect admitted the story was fabricated and he was charged.

   May 2: Officers responded to a call from a local restaurant and hair salon for a possible burglary. A window had been broken to gain access, but no contents were removed.

Police Beat is compiled by Becky Nixon from police reports.