Northwest NEWS

May 8, 2000

Front Page

Stop! in the name of traffic revision

by Bronwyn Wilson, senior staff reporter

   The beginning construction stage of the new Woodinville City Hall has begun with a traffic revision.

   Created to aid in the safety of Brittany Park residents, one lane of the south bypass on 171st has been shut off and a new access made available. This change will continue throughout construction of the new City Hall facility and will last until spring of 2001, when it is scheduled to open.

   "We're working to minimize the impact on local residents for their convenience, safety, and comfort," said Mick Monken, Director of Public Works. Safety for passing motorists is also a priority, he added.

   Now a partial road, 133rd Ave. NE will become the main access to the new City Hall facility and the arterial connecting 171st and 175th. The first stage begins with filling in and raising this road up to grade.

   Also, a six-foot wooden fence will be erected to add some blockage for Canterbury Square. Utility work will not take place until after the fence is in. The second stage of construction encompasses upgrading an old section of crumbling road that will complete the new 133rd Ave. NE access. Brunner Bros. of Lynnwood was awarded the construction contract for the first stage.

   Any questions or comments should be directed to Dan Beck, field engineer at City Hall.