Northwest NEWS

May 15, 2000


Write a letter, call someone!

   After reading the article regarding the Redmond Ridge lawsuit, my feeling was of distrust for our elected officials. I can't believe the levels of incompetence I see at the government level.

   Let's see, we have a heavily traveled two-lane road; it takes about 20 minutes to go from the 124th Street bridge to Avondale Road. And the traffic studies say we don't foresee any significant impact with the addition of 1,500 units, 2,250 houses, and retail and business space.

   Where do these people get their education from? The Cartoon Network? Or is this business as usual, Big Business buying someone not to say something?

   Unfortunately, this lawsuit is too little, too late. Oh yes, it might manage to delay the project a week or two--if we are lucky, for a few months. But let's face it, we're stuck with it, and it's going to be the same nightmare as the Pine Lake Plateau. But that's okay; I enjoy speeding along at 5.6 miles per hour. I get the chance to catch up on my reading, make a few phone calls, plan that new remodel project.

   But I'm afraid it's too late to stop now. Heaven forbid that we stand in the way of "progress." I'm sure that everyone who makes the daily commute doesn't mind the delays or watching all the heavy machinery devastate the forest. I, for one, don't mind the least bit donating my time and fuel sitting stopped somewhere along the way. No, this little project hasn't bothered me the least bit. I'm sure the wildlife hasn't been affected, either. Has anyone wondered about all the wildlife this little project has displaced?

   I'm sure that most people think this minor traffic headache will go away soon. But guess what, friend, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once all those houses and buildings get populated, we get the new stoplights. It's going to be worse--much, much worse, I suspect.

   And guess what's going to be the new speed limit once everything is in place? You think we are going back to the good old days of 45mph (even though most did closer to 55 and 60)? No, you'd better expect a casual 35 until you get right into the thick of it--then we get to crawl through it at 30mph.

   See, once we get the homes in and the shopping centers, we will need police and fire protection and new schools (because what we've got is already overcrowded). Oh yes, we'd better throw in a park or two and other places for recreation. You really think they're going to let the masses travel at a decent speed through the newly-created downtown ? Take a look at Kent East Hill for a good example.

   And guess who gets to finance all of these improvements? That's right--you and I. Better keep an eye on your property taxes, too. King Co. just informed me that my $35,000 house (actual replacement cost) is worth well over $100,000. Go figure, eh? So if you think we're paying for this wonderful project now, just wait until that little project is completed. We're all going to wind up paying for it in the end, either through the timeclock or the checkbook.

   If you think you can make a difference, don't just sit there, do something! Write a letter, call someone!

Todd Bailey, via e-mail