Northwest NEWS

May 15, 2000


IMAX film reveals dolphins' intelligence, beauty


The IMAX film Dolphins provides insights into the lives of these special creatures.

by Deborah Stone

   The film Dolphins recently opened at Pacific Science Center's IMAX Theatre. From the producers of Everest comes a rare and close-up view into the aquatic world of one of the most beloved ocean animals.

   Dolphins provides insight into the lives of these special creatures, including their amazing intelligence, the mystery of their communication, and their unique ability to bond with other species, specifically humans. Audiences are taken from the dazzling crystal clear waters of the Bahamas, home of wild Atlantic spotted dolphins, to the cold, murky seas of windswept southern Argentina, where dusky dolphins are found.

   The film follows marine biologist Kathleen Duzinsky in her quest to understand how dolphins communicate with each other. Dudzinsky swims with the dolphins and records their sounds and behavior in hopes of comprehending the meaning behind their signal exchanges. There are breathtaking scenes of Dudzinsky interacting underwater with the dolphins, making audiences feel as if they're swimming right alongside these creatures.

   In another scene, a bottlenose dolphin named JoJo, a rare loner who seeks out human companionship, is featured with naturalist Dean Bernal in a beautifully moving sequence. JoJo and Dean play a game of mimicry, which is quite astounding and emotional to observe. Other behaviors, such as the technique dolphins use to herd fish into giant "bait balls" and their use of echolocation, are captured on film and provide additional glimpses of dolphin communication and intelligence.

   The giant screen IMAX format is ideal for Dolphins, as it allows the audience to feel more connected to these awe-inspiring creatures and realize their amazing characteristics.

   A conservation message is definitely a theme of the film as it reveals how a growing knowledge about dolphins can help save them. The producers of Dolphins want viewers to know that many dolphins and porpoises face serious problems of survival. The call to action at the end of the film emphasizes this endeavor to raise awareness of the importance and vulnerability of these creatures and the ocean environment.

   Dolphins will run through summer 2000, with a specific end date to be announced. For updated schedule information, call the IMAX hotline at 206-443-IMAX.