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May 15, 2000

Local News

Bud Backer, Fire Chief of Duvall, appointed Deputy Fire Chief for Woodinville

Deputy Fire ChiefAs Fire Chief of Duvall for the last two-and-a-half years and with the district for 12 years, Bud Backer has a new job and will report to Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District in June as the city's new Deputy Fire Chief.

Interns receive on-the-job experience with Woodinville Public Works

internsAt Public Works on the second floor at Woodinville City Hall, six student interns have enough energy and zeal to brighten the entire City Hall building.

Hazardous waste spill cleaned up

hazardous wasteOn May 9, a parked truck containing 40,000 pounds of hazardous material posed a threat to a nearby neighborhood when its trailer became engulfed in flames.

Two citizens receive awards from police for courage

courageous citizensLast January 8, Ryan T. Bell was a customer at the Arco AM/PM on 175th St. when he noticed a Woodinville police officer in an in-progress arrest at the premises.

Improved website design for Medicare information

Medicare websiteMedicare has added new and expanded information about Medicare benefits, nursing home staffing levels, health plan options, and other topics to its website.

Obituary: Leslie Hartman

Police Beat

Police Beat