Northwest NEWS

May 15, 2000

Local News

Hazardous waste spill cleaned up

by Bronwyn Wilson

   On May 9, a parked truck containing 40,000 pounds of hazardous material posed a threat to a nearby neighborhood when its trailer became engulfed in flames. The truck was being loaded with barrels of the hazardous material when it is believed a spill caused an oxidized hazardous waste reaction.

   Fire District #7 of Snohomish County responded to the area at 1800 180th Street SE when an ensuing fire erupted after the hazardous spill. 200 homes were evacuated, as well as local businesses.

   Run-off of the material entered the storm system and nearby creeks. Efforts continued throughout the night to control and contain the hazardous material. The ditches in the area were cleaned. Sampling was conducted, and currently there is no apparent environmental impact. Roughly 200 gallons of hazardous waste had to be pumped off.

   "The big news is at 1 p.m. on May 11, we wrapped up the majority of our operation," Deputy Fire Chief Gary Meek said. Three firefighters and one police officer were treated for exposure problems at local hospitals. One firefighter was relieved of duty. One civilian was treated and released at the scene.

   The fire department and ecology personnel were involved in clean-up efforts and the area is now decontaminated.