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May 15, 2000

Local News

Two citizens receive awards from police for courage

Ryan Bell

Ryan Bell (center) with his certificate of recognition.

by Bronwyn Wilson

   Last January 8, Ryan T. Bell was a customer at the Arco AM/PM on 175th St. when he noticed a Woodinville police officer in an in-progress arrest at the premises.

   The Woodinville police officer had just handcuffed one man, but the other was taking off across the parking lot. Bell asked if he needed help. The officer said yes, and Bell and another customer at the mini-mart assisted the officer in apprehending the fleeing man.

   For his courage, Bell was awarded a certificate of recognition by Woodinville Mayor Randy Ransom at the Woodinville Council meeting on May 8. The other gentleman who assisted in the arrest was also recognized by the council for bravery, though he wasn't present at the meeting and wishes to remain unidentified.

   Commenting later in the week, Chief Ken Wardstrom of the Woodinville Police said that the police department doesn't encourage citizens to place themselves in hazardous situations. "But if it does happen, we appreciate their efforts," he said.

   Upon presentation of his certificate, Ryan Bell was given a standing ovation by everyone present.