Northwest NEWS

May 22, 2000


Old Woodinville was a wonderful place

   That was a very nice Publisher's Note following Gene Mack's obituary in the May 1st edition.

   I knew Gene Mack (and Edna, his wife) when I was a little boy spending summer vacations at my grandparents' property, back in the late 1950s and early 1960s. My grandparents had lived up the road from Mack's Corner since the early 1930s. (My grandfather had helped cut the first passable road down to the filling station.)

   I used to walk to Mack's corner for two things: ice cream cones and tubes of BBs. In those days, you could walk along and never see a car pass you, so quiet was the environment then.

   I do remember passing the Mack house and exchanging big waves to Edna Mack, who was often sitting at the window. Mack's corner was always bustling with something going on: a big rig backed-up to the filling pumps, or a tire being changed.

   Mack and his cronies were often dressed in bib overalls, and there always seemed to be a sleepy dog lying around. Mack would ask, "How's your grandma and grandpa? Want a double-decker ice cream?"

   I tell you, it was like a scene out of a Norman Rockwell painting, complete with an old tin Coca-Cola poster nailed to the wall. I miss those times greatly--the old Woodinville times. It was a wonderfully close community.

   Thanks for the nice words about Mack, who never forgot to inquire into the health and welfare of those he knew.

Brian Pelton, Lake Forest Park