Northwest NEWS

May 22, 2000


Blind left turn

   Two months ago, I relocated to the city of Woodinville. I love it here (despite the obvious traffic congestion). But every day as I arrive home from work, I risk life and limb making a left turn into the Sunridge condo complex. This is near the intersection of 175th and SR-202, where NE 173rd Place begins with a sharp righthand corner that veers to a 90-degree turn.

   Now that the foliage is fully out, it totally eliminates any view of oncoming traffic. As I make the turn, I hold my breath, praying I will complete my left turn without being the cause of a broadside accident. I've had some close calls.

   Hopefully, the responsible entity will soon cut the brush back, making this corner a safe one.

F. Holmes, Woodinville