Northwest NEWS

May 22, 2000


Does our Evergreen Hospital District recognize no limits?

   Right on the heels of opening a new health clinic on the Sammamish Plateau, Evergreen Healthcare is planning for a similar facility in Duvall. This is on top of the others in Bothell's Canyon Park area, Kenmore, Woodinville, Totem Lake, Carnation and Redmond.

   Within the last year or so, there was something in the papers about Evergreen's involvement with the Snoqualmie hospital that went broke, wasn't there? What sort of financial impact on those who established the original Evergreen Hospital District is there from all these clinics in districts that "join" our original district?

   I recall voting for that original district--and the involved taxation--in order to have a hospital available nearer than Bellevue. There was no intent to become all things to all people, with no vote on seemingly unlimited expansion.

   If the district keeps growing, instead of voting to pay Evergreen CEO Andy Fallat $600,000 a year, the district commissioners will be voting him upwards of a million dollars a year. When is enough enough, and whatever happened to the concept of private physicians opening private clinics where there is a customer base?

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville