Northwest NEWS

May 22, 2000


If passing on the right side is illegal, why doesn't someone do something about it?

   It happens often where I am stopped on the Woodinville-Duvall Road in front of my house so I can make a lefthand turn into my driveway.

   Not only one car, but also several impatient drivers, are going 40 miles an hour on the righthand side of the road going east just beyond 171st and where the Woodinville City limits sign is posted.

   That's only one problem. The second one is people using my driveway to make U-turns.

   Two or three weeks ago, a white pickup came from the righthand lane (the one going east) over to the other side of the road through the heavy morning traffic into my driveway to go back towards Mack's Corner. Well, I was going down my driveway to the main road to put letters in my mail box when that pick-up truck came barreling into the driveway. If I had been closer to the bottom of the driveway I wouldn't be able to tell you about it.

   There is a no-passing sign on the shoulder side of the road going towards Mack's Corner, but going the other direction there is a 35-mile speed limit sign, and nothing about passing on the right shoulder.

   And as for the county talking about widening this road to four lanes--yuk! If they want a freeway, build it someplace else; this area is just beyond the city limits.

Edith Knutsen, Woodinville