Northwest NEWS

May 22, 2000

Local News

Conner Development gives back to city

by Bronwyn Wilson, staff reporter

   William Conner of Conner Development is retiring, and in doing so, he passed his business on to his son, Charlie, and gave something to the City of Woodinville, as well.

   As one of the prominent developers in the area, Conner had a small piece of land left over after the completion of one of his projects. Having had a good relationship with the City of Woodinville and with the Parks & Recreation Dept., he decided to donate the land to the City.

   "It's been a company credo to give back to the community where we've had success," said Karla Hodgson, Executive Administrator of Conner Development.

   This is the first land donation the City has received, and Parks & Recreation will undertake a master planning process in 2001 to determine how the land will be used. The property, located at the 134th block of NE 190th Place, will become a natural park, but the specifics will not be nailed down until next year.

   "Woodinville is developing so rapidly that the City cannot purchase enough land to keep up with the demand for parks and recreation," said Lane Youngblood, Director of Woodinville Parks & Recreation. "Donations like the Conner donation are essential to preserving the little bits of land that make our city livable. The landowner receives some tax benefits and the City is able to preserve open space. What a great win-win situation."

   The City of Woodinville has published a free brochure called "Donating Land to the City of Woodinville," which is available by calling the Woodinville Parks & Recreation Dept. at 489-2700.

   "We have a deficit of park land and donations are always very welcome," Youngblood added.

   William Conner was awarded a certificate of recognition for his philanthropy by Mayor Randy Ransom at the City of Woodinville council meeting on May 8.

   Public comments on any parks and recreation issue are welcome and may be offered to the Parks & Recreation Commission when they meet the first Thursday of each month, 7 p.m., at the Woodinville City Hall, Room 25. The next meeting is June 1. The public is invited to attend.