Northwest NEWS

May 22, 2000

Valley Special

Move to Entwistle proves beneficial to Tolt Valley Taekwon Do

   CARNATION--There have been some important changes for Tolt Valley Taekwon Do, according to spokesman James Sorlien, who noted that the move to 16354 Entwistle from the location on Tolt Avenue was a difficult decision--but it was an opportune one, since the new location is much larger and better suited.

   Upcoming events include a promotion test on June 10, a demonstration of Taekwon Do on July 4, and a workout and potluck at MacDonald Park on August 19. Visitors are welcome at all events.

   There will be a short workout and a potluck after the test in June, which begins at 11 a.m. Tests occur twice a year, in June and December, but there are tests available throughout the year in Edmonds at Bailey's Traditional Taekwon Do College. Tests take place once a month for the students who are ready to promote at that time.

   The 45-minute demonstration on July 4 will take place at 1:30 p.m. after the parade, at 16354 Entwistle, upstairs in the old cannery. Refreshments will be available.

   The third annual all-school workout and potluck will be held at MacDonald's Park in Carnation.

   Directions to Tolt Valley Taekwon Do are as follows: Go west on Entwistle from Tolt Avenue. Find the St. Vincent store and head west toward the Snoqualmie River. Call 333-4138 for information.