Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000


Boy Scouts are the answer

   I have a concern about the numbers of police that are stationed on school grounds to prevent drugs and gun usage and about the laws that are enacted and penalize the 99% of the law-abiding citizens.

   Instead of resorting to these, have you ever considered supporting long-established community organizations such as Boys Scouts of America (BSA)? These organizations help prevent social violence by redirecting chaotic reactions to a well-meaning service activity. Those that go through a scouting program tend not to do drugs or use guns illegally. Some merit badges train individuals in safe legal gun shooting.

   BSA also keeps youth off the streets and provides them with activities that stretch each participant and instills in them a sense of value and belonging within the community. Scouting is an organization that is really effective in providing wholesome fun and preparation for life.

   Scouting has helped me develop a more positive outlook on life. From my parents' standpoint, I have less of an attitude. It's a win for everyone. As a bonus, those who receive their Eagle Scout awards have an easier time getting a job, because it takes hard work and dedication over a long period of time to get it.

   If you would like to reduce crime and increase a keen sense of community in the youth, have you ever considered joining a troop or any other youth or service organization? If you are a busy parent, can you make time and focus your energy to meet your children's needs and give them the self esteem at home from all the pressures of life?

   Whatever you choose to do, promote a responsible community rather than erode its freedom.

A concerned 14-year-old,
Philippe-Oliver Cattin, Duvall