Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000


There are no excuses: help the children

   I know there are many people who are generous and kind. They donate clothes, food, and money to various organizations, but I believe there needs to be more attention paid to children with cancer.

   I have been having a toy drive within my school, as well as a car wash, to generate money to buy toys for the children at Children's Hospital. After six days of the toy drive, I didn't receive one toy or one dollar. I didn't want to show up at the hospital with empty hands.

   There are many ways people can help. Volunteer at Children's Hospital, or The Ronald McDonald House. There are so many other hospitals and organizations that could use volunteers. Volunteering is the best way to help others, have fun, meet people, and receive self-fulfillment. When schools, stores, and organizations are raising toys or money to donate to children with this life-threatening disease, give as much as you can. A few dollars, or a bottle of nail polish for a young girl will do.

   I have noticed, while trying to get people to bring in toys, that the number one excuse is that they forgot. Write yourself a note so you won't forget. Do whatever it takes to remember, because every donation counts.

   You can even have your own fund raiser. You will need to call the hospital or organization that you would like to raise money for so they can help you get started. Set up a toy drive, collect money. One of the most fun ways to raise money is having a car wash with friends. You meet people, hang out, get a good tan, and help others at the same time. There are so many ways. Find the right fund raiser for you.

   I would like to thank everybody who stopped to get their car washed on the dates of May 6th and May 7th at the Godfather's Pizza on 228th in Bothell. I would also like to thank Godfather's Pizza in the Bothell Canyon Park Shopping Center for giving us the area and water to have the car wash.

   Your support will change a life. There are so many ways to help children with cancer, as well as others in need. There are no excuses not to. Change lives while changing yours. It doesn't take much.

Lauren Rimkus, Bothell