Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000


Help animals that cannot help themselves

   In Washington alone, I have found that each and every day, animals are brought to shelters faster then they can be adopted to new homes. At Hooterville, animals are left on the doorstep and brought in for unexplained or unjustifiable reasons all the time.

   Cats are found quite often on highways and near backyards of suburban areas--abandoned, with no sign that they will ever be reunited with their owners again. In just one shelter, there are at least twenty to thirty cats being cared for, and an additional twenty to thirty on a waiting list to be taken in.

   Abandonment of animals is a horrible and tragic crime, and there needs to be something done about it. Realistically, abandonment is neverending, but there are ways you can help in your own community.

   There are shelters much like Hooterville, with the same compassion and love for animals all around, where you can go to adopt an animal of your own, or you can make a donation, to help show your support for the well-being of helpless animals. You can also volunteer at your local animal shelter and help animals that cannot help themselves.

Elise Castle, Bothell