Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000


Peer mediation is a good idea

   I am a student at Skyview Junior High and have been working on a project to help improve our school. To make a difference in my school, I decided to start a peer mediation program that would not only help students learn problem-solving skills, but also help students get along.

   If every school had a peer mediation program, I know that it would definitely change the way students behaved. More students would get along better because they would have had the experience of problem-solving.

   Those students who have been trained would learn how to get along with others better because they learn how to deal with problem-solving. Every student has some sort of problem, whether it has to do with their homework, sports, or friends. This program could be a change for students' lives.

   This problem-solving program has a better effect on students. Students who have had problems are more likely to open up to other peers who have been trained in the mediation program than to adult counselors. Since I am a student, I tend to talk more to students my age than to adults, because I feel more comfortable around my peers.

   Schools everywhere should really embrace peer mediation programs. It will not only make a difference in the way students behave, but it will also make students feel safer at school because there would not be so many problems. Peer mediation will improve your school. The students will love it and so will the community.

Lilia Kalahiki, Bothell