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May 29, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Boy Scouts are the answer

Boy ScoutsI have a concern about the numbers of police that are stationed on school grounds to prevent drugs and gun usage and about the laws that are enacted and penalize the 99% of the law-abiding citizens.

Letters from students at Skyview Junior High School

There will be nothing to protect

salmon protectionWhen Lewis and Clark arrived in the Pacific Northwest 200 years ago, there were about 15-20 million salmon, but now, there are less then 500,000.

Water cycle starts and ends with you

water cycleMost people are not aware of how easy it is to help streams by just adjusting a few home chores. What you do as an individual has a tremendous impact on your water community.

There are no excuses: help the children

helping childrenI know there are many people who are generous and kind. They donate clothes, food, and money to various organizations, but I believe there needs to be more attention paid to children with cancer.

Help animals that cannot help themselves

animal adoptionIn Washington alone, I have found that each and every day, animals are brought to shelters faster then they can be adopted to new homes.

Peer mediation is a good idea

peer mediationTo make a difference in my school, I decided to start a peer mediation program that would not only help students learn problem-solving skills, but also help students get along.

The challenge is set

povertyPoverty will not disappear overnight, but if we work together, we can start changing lives together. The challenge is set--what will you do?

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