Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000


World premieres, timeless tales on tap for SCC's upcoming season

by Deborah Stone

   Seattle Children's Theatre's upcoming 2000-2001 season will feature a combination of exciting new plays and adaptations of timeless tales.

   It will include several world premieres and two SCT premieres, including three which are based on the renowned literature of authors George Orwell, Sid Fleischman, and Louis Sachar.

   Animal Farm, based on Orwell's book, opens the season on September 15th and is an allegorical satire of the Russian revolution and totalitarianism. Mistreated animals unite to overthrow their abusive master and take over management of his land. Initially, productivity and prosperity reign, but when the pigs decide to make themselves leaders of the animals by virtue of their intelligence, power and greed ensue.

   A theatrical adaptation of The Red Balloon, French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse's Academy Award-winning film, takes the stage October 6th. This captivating classic tells the imaginative tale of a boy named Pascal who befriends a magical red balloon to deal with his feelings of loneliness. Together they adventure from one end of Paris to the other in playful mischief.

   Next on tap is the world premiere musical of Prince Brat and the Whipping Boy, based on the Newbery Award-winning book by Sid Fleischman. This spirited show traces the unlikely friendship between the bratty Prince Horace and Jemmy, a poor boy from the streets who must endure the Prince's punishments for him. When Jemmy tries to escape the kingdom, he runs into Prince Horace, who demands to go with him on his adventure. The two boys learn about friendship after becoming involved with a pair of dangerous outlaws.

   January 26th marks the opening of the second world premiere of the season, Mask of the Unicorn Warrior. Inspired by the Unicorn Tapestries that hang in the Cluny Museum in Paris, the story begins with young King Tycho, who inherited the kingdom from his dying father and is preparing to wed the mysterious Mercurial. Tycho doubts he has the necessary fierceness to be a great ruler and sets out to fight a unicorn to "cure" his fear of battle. However, when faced with the unicorn's magnificence, Tycho discovers he cannot harm it.

   Winnie-the-Pooh, Deborah Lynn Frockt's delightful production, returns to SCC on February 16th.

   The season concludes with the world premiere of Sideway Stories from Wayside School, based on the best-selling Wayside School series by author Louis Sachar. Playwright John Olive brings these wacky tales to life on stage and takes audiences into a place where schools are thirty stories high and teachers have the ability to transform their students into apples.

   Subscription packages are now available for SCC's 26th season. Individual tickets will go on sale to the public September 5th. For information, call 206-441-3322.