Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000

Local News

Police Beat

   May 9: A 30-year-old male was videotaped removing tips from employee tip jars at a chain of coffee stores. The employee was arrested and charged with larceny. Management reimbursed employees.

   May 11: Aggravated assault charges have been filed after a foreman and a site manager argued at a job site that resulted in a shove and hurt back.

   May 12: After taking 8 to 10 prescribed pills, a 43-year-old female was taken to Overlake Hospital for drug overdose when it was learned she had ingested a fair amount of alcohol to obtain a "rush."

   May 13: An unknown male caller made threats to the night manager at a local resturant. Management believes it is an ongoing problem with an employee's ex-boyfriend.

   May 15: Skis, poles, and a car were reported stolen from the 126th block of NE 145th in Woodinville. Keys were not left in the car, but it was unlocked.

   May 15: After taking an inventory of its car lots, Woodinville Auto Auction reported a car was stolen sometime after April 15.

   May 17: Small hand tools, piping, and coveralls were reported missing from a storage unit on a construction site off Garden Way in Woodinville.

Police Beat is compiled by Becky Nixon from Woodinville police records.