Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000

Local News

And your speed is...?

by Bronwyn Wilson, staff reporter

   For motorists driving in Woodinville, a large digital read-out attached to a small trailer is out on the road displaying the speed passing cars are cruising at. Should it flash, "Your Speed is 43mph," and the posted speed limit is 35mph, slowing down would be in order.

   The unit, called the Mobile Radar Speed Detector Trailer, is being utilized by the City of Woodinville to heighten awareness of the speed motorists are driving. In red digital numbers, a car's speed is signaled to drivers as they pass by.

   The objective is to make motorists aware of what their speed is, not to use the detector for ticketing those who exceed the speed limit. "The intent is to heighten public awareness," Mick Monken, Director of Public Works, said. "Kind of a soft reminder of the speed."

   The detector, which is solar-powered, also has the capability of recording traffic counts. Used more for monitoring rather than controlling, the detector is currently in the testing phase. This week, the detector will be moved to the 171st St. south bypass.

   Most drivers in the downtown area observe the posted speed limits, and with the number of cars passing through on a daily basis, there's no room for placing the "pedal to the metal." With the Mobile Radar Speed Detector, everyone can know what their cruising speed is.