Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000

Local News

New transportation budget and highway construction underway

   When Initiative 695 passed last year, not only was the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax eliminated, but also one third of Washington State's Department of Transportation 1999-2001 budget. To restore some of the lost revenue, Gov. Gary Locke signed a supplemental budget into law on May 2.

   This budget provides money for the Dept. of Transportation to operate through June 30, 2001, the end of the current biennium. It still represents a 31 percent reduction in the highway construction program.

   High profile construction projects underway in the Bothell-Woodinville area include the Bothell to Swamp Creek interchange, which is scheduled to be completed in March 2003, and the stretch of highway from SR-9 to Paradise Lake Road widened to a four-lane highway with a completion date of December 2000.

   Construction of a four-lane highway from Paradise Lake Road to the Snohomish River Bridge has a start date of spring of 2002. The date when the Paradise Lake Road interchange is to begin construction isn't known at this time. However, the start date for the interchange at SR 522 and Echo Lake Road is spring of 2003.