Northwest NEWS

May 29, 2000


County Council honors top local high school seniors

   The Metropolitan King County Council recently honored more than 300 outstanding local public and private high school seniors at the 15th annual King County Student Scholar Celebration. At the May 17th program at the Museum of Flight, councilmembers recognized the accomplishments of students who have achieved a 4.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA), or placed in the top one percent of their graduating class.

   Councilmember Louise Miller hosted 44 students from her district. "As a former teacher, I know how hard these students worked to achieve those grades," said Miller. "And along with their academic achievements, they are also involved in music, sports, clubs, and community activities. They are great representatives of outstanding teenagers across King County."

   Student Scholars who live in Council District 3 are: Bellevue Christian--Kevin Rech; Cedar Park Christian--Ashley Von Tobel; Cedarcrest--David Li; Eastlake--Kimberly Barry, Shawn Farmer, Shaina Hinton, Timothy Perkins, Lisa Piquette, Ryan Warner; Holy Names--Alison Easter, Meaghan Massoth, Alyson Routt; Inglemoor--Irin Allen, Jeffrey Bochsler, Colin Connolly, Meghan Nadeau, Alyssa Neir, Michael Uffens, Kevin Andrew; Juanita--Heather Condie, Melanie Kasemeier, Jessica Kim, Emily McLeod, Daniel Vandemark; Lake Washington--Erin Crossland, Carrie Gibson, Robyn Greaby, Michael Keeslar, Theresa Mangahas, Walker Murray, Ryan Schnepf; Overlake--Anshuman Srivastava; Redmond--Yewlin Chee, Garrit Hall, Maureen Maas; Seattle Prep--Sarah Taylor; Skykomish--Karen King; Woodinville--Leslee Chapman, Sneha Desai, Shannon McArdel, Nural Orgun, Kristin Singer, Ryan Stewart, Stephanie Swain.

   Councilmember Jane Hague hosted 30 students from her district. "These students have accomplished something amazing," said Hague. "Not only have they earned great grades, but they are also outstanding members of their school and local communities."

   Student Scholars who live in Council District 11 are: Juanita--Rachel Epstein, Daniel Holland, Adeena Khan, Jennifer Reeves, Greta Riedesel, Erika Westerlind; Lake Washington--Erik Alskog, Garen Glazier, Kathryn Imberg; Overlake School--Andrew Dumitrescu Solomon, Megan Mix; Redmond--Megan Shaw; Sammamish--John Butler, Brenna Coffey, Laurel Grimm, Mark Nelson, Molly Pankey, Peng Hok Tea, Grace Williams, Diana Wu.

   Councilmember Maggi Fimia hosted 28 students from her district. "These students have accomplished amazing things," said Fimia. "All of them have top grades, but they are also award-winning musicians, athletes, leaders, and members of the larger community. They are to be congratulated for all their achievements."

   Student Scholars who live in Council District 1 are: Blanchet High School--Maria Kartes, Kate Stamper; Bothell--Sabrina Beyer, Ella Braden, Breanna Kelly, Rebecca Scannell, Andrew Tucker; Cedar Park Christian School--Polly Yorioka; Garfield High School--Ying Zong Huang; Inglemoor--Miranda Eisem, Breanne Fortun; John Marshall--Ellaine Bulatao; Kings High School--Wesley Galliher; Lake Washington High School--Erin Mattern; Roosevelt High School--Mieko Krell, Sang-Young Sien, Ming Hang Wu; Shorecrest--Yu Deng, Thomas Haxton, Morgan Herzog, Joyce Ho; Shoreline Christian--Stacy Meyer, Jamie Villegas; Shorewood--Yasmin Ahmedi, Julia Handley, Krista Novstrup, Joseph Rachiele; Summit School--Tessa Rector.