Northwest NEWS

June 5, 2000


Medical facility would benefit community

   We represent a group of Duvall residents who are trying to bring a permanent medical facility to our community. Both new and old residents of our city want quality healthcare that is easy to access.

   At Duvall Days, we had the opportunity to poll our neighbors. Of the 80 or so people who took our short survey, more than 80 percent said they'd vote "yes" to increased taxes to pay for a local clinic. Many people asked important questions: Where will the clinic be? Who will staff the clinic? What services will it provide? And more. These are questions which, once we've gotten the voters' approval to move forward, we will work with community partners to answer.

   We are pleased that Evergreen Healthcare is interested in working with us to make this opportunity a reality. In today's world, good healthcare is increasingly offered out in the community through outreach programs and clinics. It's convenient for us, keeps our costs down, and, if we need them, the additional resources we can access through Evergreen Hospital Medical Center are superb.

   Across the country, because of decreased payments from insurance and Medicare, doctors are finding that partnering with organizations like Evergreen allows them to practice good medicine, make a living, and work successfully in small communities like ours. We want to attract excellent doctors and nurses who will care for us and our children, help the elderly get services they need sooner rather than later, and be part of the community we have in Duvall.

   Thanks to everyone who is helping us bring medical care to our neighborhood. Let us know if we can answer any questions.

Dr. Gary L. Rutleldge, DC; Sandy Rowe; Rick Stewart; Karin Linderoth Reep; Larry Kaye; Dr. Sam Castillo, DMD; Duvall