Northwest NEWS

June 5, 2000


Action needed for safety of children

The following letter was sent to the City of Woodinville Community Services Coordinator. A request was made to the City last June to replace the warning signs near Woodinville High School. To date, the signs have not been replaced.

   Enclosed please find my completed "How Are We Doing" survey regarding case number 990153. I thank you and the City of Woodinville for caring enough to ask. In addition to alerting the city to the vision-obstructing vegetation at the corner of NE 173rd Pl. and NE 127th Pl., my second concern of last June has never been addressed, and may have contributed to a recent car crash.

   The intersection of NE 186th and 136th Ave. NE is a blind corner that has such notoriety among Woodinville "Wedge" neighbors that extra caution is used regularly by responsible drivers. Unfortunately, this is a major route for Woodinville High School students.

   Last June, as part of what I assume was a graduation or end-of-the-school-year prank, the "Strict Enforcement Area" signs and the signs containing a graphic depiction of a motorcycle officer with a radar gun were stolen from both NE 186th and 136th NE. When I called the City, the information was taken, but I was also referred to the County. I reported the missing signs to King County and stressed that it was important to control speeds on both 186th and 136th due to the heavy inexperienced-driver traffic. I was assured that action would be taken.

   About a year ago, my next-door neighbor's full-size pick-up was totaled in a head-on collision with a speeding WHS student who lost control in this "15mph" corner. The young driver was seriously hurt. On September 24, 1999, two students southbound on 136th entered the same corner too fast, losing control and hitting a utility pole squarely head-on. The windshield was broken with the passenger's head.

   I strongly urge the City of Woodinville to take action as follows, before someone is very seriously hurt:

   Please take action now to preserve the safety of our children.

Rick Louis LaMarche, Woodinville