Northwest NEWS

June 5, 2000

Local News

Police Beat

   May 25: Burglary was the motive in a local fast food restaurant break-in. When a manager came to work in the morning, the safe was open and money was missing.

   May 27: Suspicious persons were reported in the early morning at a local motel. Police located two males, intoxicated, throwing bottles into the bushes as they walked down the road.

   May 27: A 20-year-old male was arrested for liquor violations after police found him with an open beer and an additional 12-pack. A marijuana pipe was also found in the suspect's pockets.

   May 27: During a domestic violence call, police noticed several parts of metal pipe commonly used for marijuana were on the coffee table. Neither occupant of the house claimed ownership and insisted police remove the paraphernalia for destruction. Police complied.

   May 30: A 27-year-old male was arrested for threats made to an apartment occupant after the occupant complained the suspect's loud music woke his sleeping daughter. The suspect was found to be highly intoxicated.

Police Beat is compiled by Becky Nixon.