Northwest NEWS

June 5, 2000

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Whatever happened to...?

by Tove Burhen, United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship Foundation

   The United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship Foundation members have recently talked to former winners of scholarships and are proud to see the success of these recipients.

   Amy Claussen, 1996 graduate of Cedarcrest High School, was awarded the Cedarcrest PTSA scholarship, and at that time thanked the donors, saying, "I was pleased to be honored, and it helped to pay for the expenses of starting college."

   Amy first attended Pensacola Christian College in Florida, which she enjoyed, but said it was a very large college and there were at least 200 students in each lecture class. She transferred to Northwest College in Kirkland, where classes were much smaller. She praised Northwest College for the helpful instructors and its good reputation for its education program.

   Receiving a bachelor of arts from Northwest this year, Amy is now starting her student teaching career at Cherry Valley Elementary. After her intense years at college, she is happy to spend her days with the students and teachers there and is beginning to feel like a teacher instead of a student. For a second summer of interesting volunteer work, Amy is traveling to China to teach English in rural schools.

   Studying and working has been the story of Amy's life since her high school days. She worked at the Family Grocer for two years while attending Cedarcrest and continued into her years at Northwest. She is back in the familiar workplace again, in addition to her time at Cherry Valley Elementary.

   Besides being a capable worker, an excellent student, and an intense begnning teacher, Amy is a cheerful, friendly person. We wish her well.

   In 1995, David Heyting graduated from Cedarcrest, received the Cherry Valley and the Riverview Education Association scholarships, and went to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. He received his BA degree with double majors in communications and accounting.

   Following his chosen field, he is now working towards his CPA for the accounting firm of Hersman Serles. He is also creating an educational video for the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Foundation, using skills learned in his communications studies.

   Mountaineering is David's leisure-time activity. In May, he and his fiancée, Jessica Thuot of Issaquah, climbed to the crater of Mount St. Helens. It was a snowy trek, as there was four more inches of snowfall in May.

   And whatever happened to Keri Heyting, David's sister, after she graduated from Cedarcrest High School in 1994, received the Duvall Chamber of Commerce award, and went to Washington State University?

   Well, Keri majored in communications, following an interest that began in her graphics class at Cedarcrest with teacher Charlie Drake. She is now a sales and marketing manager for Survival, Inc. of Seattle.

   "I do a lot of things," Keri said. "Trade shows, advertising, working on a website project."

   She believes her company is one of the most interesting to work for. The company president, Rick Stewart, was a survival instructor in the military. Using his ideas on the need for new survival tools, he began his company and invented most of the sales items: body armor, whistles and signaling mirrors, tactile vests, fire starters, and many other pieces of defensive and survival gear.

   Although she doesn't count herself a mountain climber, her brother bought shoes and a climbing harness for her and she has done some rock wall climbing. Another new interest is cooking. "That would surprise my Mom," Keri added.

   She and David take a continued interest in the United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship Foundation, as they help select the recipient of their Kyle Warren Heyting family memorial award.

   And what is Christy Allen, awarded by the United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship Foundation in 1992, up to? Actually, up to about 35,000 feet. After attending Washington State University, getting a degree in the Criminal Justice Department, and working long hours at a Duvall gas station for funds for school, she now flies the skies as a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines.

   Christy loves her work. "I want to travel the world!" she claims is her goal. After working with regional carrier Horizon, she now has graduated from Northwest's flight attendant school in Minneapolis and has been to Rome and Amsterdam and around the United States. She hopes to travel to Asia soon.

   Based in Detroit, where she shares an apartment with two other flight attendants, Christy regularly has eight days off. She returns home to Duvall and can be seen in the area walking the family dogs. An exciting career for Christy!