Northwest NEWS

June 5, 2000

Valley Special

Opportunity to submit watershed projects to the Snoqualmie Watershed Forum

   The Snoqualmie Small Change Grants are being funded with King Conservation District funds that are earmarked for use in the Snoqualmie Watershed. Other projects in the Snoqualmie supported by these funds include:   This summer, the Snoqualmie Watershed Forum will make a recommendation to the King Conservation District (KCD) Board of Supervisors on how to allocate a new round of over $300,000 in KCD funds to projects in the Snoqualmie and South Fork Skykomish Watersheds.

   The Snoqualmie Watershed Forum is soliciting proposals now for fish habitat, water quality, and flooding projects having regional benefits.

   Some examples include: protection of key parcels of land for fish habitat; habitat restoration which enhances ecologically significant fish runs; regionally coordinated monitoring and evaluation of fish habitat; watershed protection support services, such as coordinated monitoring and education; home buyouts in flood hazard areas where there is a high risk to public safety and other regional benefits in terms of habitat protection, open space, or recreation; other flood hazard reduction projects where local jurisdictions have regulations to ensure that further development will not need flood assistance or cause additional flooding.

   Funds are distributed to local governments participating in the Watershed Forum. If you have an idea for a watershed project that has regional benefit, please get in touch with either Megan Smith, Snoqualmie Watershed Coordinator, at 206-296-8374, or your local representative on the Snoqualmie Watershed Forum.

   Representatives include Mark Cole, Duvall Councilmember; Randy "Fuzzy" Fletcher, Snoqualmie mayor; Jim Gildersleeve, North Bend Councilmember; William Harper, Patterson Creek Flood Control Zone District; David Irons, King County Councilmember; William Knutsen, Agriculture Commission member; Louise Miller, King County Councilmember; Bob Patterson, Carnation mayor; Jonathon Rice, Duvall representative; Mark Sollito, North Bend Councilmember; and Matt Stone, Chair, Snoqualmie Watershed Forum.

   The deadline for submittal of proposals to the Forum is June 21, 2000. The Snoqualmie Watershed Forum is scheduled to review proposals on July 12.

   For those who would like to get a notice of this meeting or want more information about how to contact a forum member, please call Megan Smith at 206-296-8374.