Northwest NEWS

June 12, 2000


Let the City Council know your feelings

   I am on a task force that has been appointed to update parts of the 1994 Duvall Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a document that guides development in the city. The task force includes representatives from the Duvall City Council, Arts Commission, Planning Commission, Chamber of Commerce, City Staff, Historical Society, and Duvall citizens.

   One of the areas we are working on is the transportation element. The Comprehensive Plan from '94 says that at some time after the year 2000 and prior to 2010, traffic congestion on Hwy. 203 may become so bad that the city may choose to consider a four-lane option.

   I feel four lanes through town would devastate the old town and downtown areas, remove parking on Main Street, allow more negative traffic, produce more of a safety hazard, encourage the State Department of Transportation to follow through with a possible four-lane highway in the future, and take away our character and the quality of life that we enjoy.

   Yes, my opinion is biased. I own and operate a business and commercial property that my family has had for over 35 years in the downtown area. I also live in Duvall, along with my husband and three children. We love the life that Duvall has given us. But I also don't have to commute.

   Even though your opinion may differ from mine, please let your City Council know your feelings on this issue. Write letters, attend Council meetings, and public hearings.

   This is a very important issue our community is facing. The first draft is due June 30th, and the final, I believe, is due by the end of the summer.

Joan Ramsey, Duvall