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June 12, 2000

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Hooterville sponsors enrichment class for cat owners

   A Feline Enrichment Class (or Preventing Boredom and Behavior Problems in Your Cat) will be held on Saturday, June 24, from 10 a.m. to noon in Bothell.

   "Many of us are now keeping our cats indoors, and many of us are away from home for extended periods of time each day. The resulting feline lifestyle produces stresses--such as boredom--which often contribute to a wide variety of behavior problems. The good news is that feline enrichment can prevent and solve many of these problems. In this class, you will learn an array of tips and strategies for enriching your cat's life. You will learn how to incorporate your cat's perspective into the process of managing behavior problems," said instructor Ellen Leach of Behavioral Resources.

   Leach is a behavior specialist who has worked professionally with animals for over 25 years, including many years of working with zoo species. She has a degree in psychology, with special emphasis in animal learning and motivation. Although she has come to know and love a wide variety of species during her career, Leach has always had a special attraction to cats. She applies successful animal behavior management techniques to domestic felines.

   "After years of training elephants, I thought I was finally ready for the challenge," said Leach, who lives in Seattle with two very happy cats, Julius and Ralph.

   The course is sponsored by Hooterville Pets Safehaus. Leach has donated her time to teach. This course will be held at Country Village in the Atrium Room, 23812 Bothell-Everett Highway, Bothell. Cost is $10 per person. Deadline for registration is June 19. Please be sure to register early, as class participation is limited to 30.

   Registration forms are available at the Woodinville PetsMart or Hooterville Pets SafeHaus in Bothell. For more information, please contact Carol Pope at (425) 415-0932.