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June 12, 2000

Local News

Marsha Engel

Woodinville's deputy mayor resigns

by Bronwyn Wilson, senior staff reporter

   Deputy Mayor Marsha Engel begins a new chapter in her life. She has resigned her position on the Woodinville City Council and is moving from her residence in Woodinville for 26 years. Citing career and family reasons, Deputy Mayor Engel announced her resignation at the July 5th City Council meeting.

   As the Council liaison to the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District, the Woodinville Water District, and the joint Woodinville-Bothell-Northshore School District Task Force, Engel said that she feels fortunate to have lived in and served the Woodinville community.

   Woodinville, she said, enriched her life, as well as the lives of her children. And though she has no plans to continue in politics, she'll continue to be an informed citizen. "I plan to take time to write and paint, to continue teaching piano and voice, and to become involved in children's theater."

   Beginning her City Council career in 1992 as an interim councilmember, Engel was elected to the City Council on November 2, 1993. In January of this year, she was selected among her fellow Councilmembers to serve a two-year term as Deputy Mayor. Her term expires December 31, 2003.

   "While our decision to move seems sudden to some folks, it's the result of a lot of thought and prayer. My older daughter, Jennifer, just graduated from Cornish College of the Arts, and my son, Hugh, will be graduating from Woodinville High School this month. Shannan, an eighth grader at Leota Jr. High, will be starting high school at South Whidbey," Engel said.

   Mayor Randy Ransom noted Engel's value to the Council. "She has brought great depth to this council because of her longtime residency in Woodinville and most importantly, her active service as a Councilmember for eight years," he said.

   Engel's resignation will be effective July 1, 2000. In the meantime, current City Commission and Board members will be polled for their interest in serving on the Council. If an interested candidate isn't found in this process, a public procedure will be initiated to fill the vacant Council position. The successful candidate will serve until the general election in November, 2001.

   "Woodinville has a great future," Deputy Mayor Engel said. "But it is dependent upon continued citizen input. It must balance growth and development while retaining its own uniqueness and natural resources. This will require community vigilance and commitment."

   Then with farewell words, she added, "I thank those who have entrusted me with these responsibilities. I will miss you and wish Woodinville the best!"