Northwest NEWS

June 19, 2000


Quality of life should be important

   This letter concerns the proposal for annexation of the Heck Stafford Addition (including 142nd Place NE), as discussed at the City Council meeting last Monday night.

   I find it peculiar that all council members, including the mayor, who campaigned to represent "the people," voted en masse to accept the proposal for annexation to the City of Woodinville. Seventy-five percent of the residents who live on 142nd Pl. NE, and have for many years, provided a petition asking to be removed from the proposed annexation at the City Council meeting Monday night.

   It seems annexation is accomplished by large property owners based on assessed value for tax purposes. One would think that providing quality of life for property owners in a well-established and cohesive neighborhood such as ours would have precedence, but consideration of our wishes was not to be.

   Such annexation would change the exisiting zoning to allow 12 units per acre from what is now three units per acre in this established neighborhood. Stand by for more urban sprawl and its associated problems.

   While the City Council pointed out that the city at this point in time has no bonded indebtedness, it would require the newly-annexed parcels to pay on such debt that the city incurs in the past or future, e.g. city hall, fire station, etc. Millions of dollars. Does this sound like Boston Tea Party material?

Dirk M. Swearingen, Woodinville