Northwest NEWS

June 19, 2000

Valley Special

Duvall Church members to teach in Zambia

   DUVALL--Twenty-two members of the Duvall Church are leaving for Zambia, Africa, this week where they will conduct leadership training for an estimated 100 pastors, who will be converging at the Sons of Thunder Mission Farm near the city of Livingstone.

   The five-year-old farm has opened a medical clinic, agricultural training program, primary school, and soon an orphanage. The team will also be supplying expertise for several construction projects, Bible teaching, and medical and child care.

   This is the fourth group that Pastor Chet Kwiat, the senior pastor, has led to the Sons of Thunder Farm.

   Pastor Chet said, "Each time we go, we find that the needs have increased. People have a hunger for the Word of God and a hunger in their stomachs. The purpose of this effort is to meet both needs as best as we are able. We will continue to send help as we can. Those who have gone come back different. There is something life-changing about helping people with the basic necessities of life--hope and food. We expect God to do great things in Zambia and we are glad to be a part of that."