Northwest NEWS

June 26, 2000


Why do man's problems with animals always end violently?

   I am fairly new to this city, but until June 19, I felt that most all of the City Council members were fair, open-minded individuals. But the last Council meeting proved otherwise.

   On the problem of the geese, it was very apparent that all of them had their minds made up before the meeting, and nothing anyone said made any difference.

   To kill the geese will solve the problem for now, but without a plan for preventing another such gathering, nothing has really been accomplished. Just because man is supposed to be the intelligent animal, why must most of their problems with animals have to end up with the use of violence?

   Is this going to be a repeated event or are the people involved going to really research other methods of control and try each and every other method more than once for a short time to prevent a repeat of this mass murder event?

   All the information I have access to states that there are other methods that really work and do not harm the fish in the streams or any other living things.

Lillie Clinton, Woodinville