Northwest NEWS

June 26, 2000


A one-year moratorium will not place city at risk

   I am requesting the following of the Woodinville City Council:
  1. Immediately rescind the "invitation" to the USDA allowing them to convene goose kills in Woodinville.

  2. Enact a one-year moratorium on lethal removal of geese in Woodinville, so full research data and disclosure can be accomplished and publicly published.

  3. Call a town meeting where this issue can be discussed in length while on neutral ground. Three minutes at City Council meetings is not sufficient to address the research, questions, and answers.

  4. Work with land/home owners affected by the moratorium. Assist in education and conflict resolution.
   I was surprised by the amount of misinformation related to this subject. I have personally been contacting and receiving updated information from various professional and government sources as to options.

   Living and working in Woodinville for 14 years, I take the idea of any public health risk seriously. I am confident a one-year moratorium will not place Woodinville at risk.

   Our unique community with such a diverse/creative population can devise a solution that will please the persons (and critters) involved.

Annie Mays Mahmood, Woodinville