Northwest NEWS

June 26, 2000


Buses have enhanced the quality of lives

   I am wondering if readers realize how close we are in East King County to getting a major reduction of ACCESS and DART bus service.

   Those of us who are elderly/disabled/low-income have enjoyed several years of being able to use these buses to see our doctors, go grocery shopping, attend Senior Center activities, go to church, etc. Being able to ride the buses has enhanced the quality of our lives, getting us out and into the community and enabling us to retrieve some of our independence.

   I-695 made a large dent in the state budget. Therefore, our County Council members have to be very creative as they search for ways to recoup the lost revenue. King County has about 800,000 citizens who are classified as disabled, and our population is growing. We're getting older, living to our 80s and 90s, able to do less. All of this even before the Baby Boomers move into the senior population.

   This problem will not go away. The need for ACCESS and DART bus service will never be less than it is now. A permanent funding solution must be discovered.

   Please help. Call Ron Sims, County Executive, and Councilmember Louise Miller (Dist. 3) at 206-296-1003, or by e-mail at

Nancy D. San Carlos, Issaquah