Northwest NEWS

June 26, 2000


Writer wants concerns answered

   Since I bought my house on Miller Street in Duvall a little over two years ago, I have had to take too many things in stride. I had no idea how much I was going to have to put up with when I bought my house. If I had known what was going to happen to our quiet little neighborhood in the future, I certainly would not have purchased this particular home. Hindsight is certainly 20/20.

   I have spent my hard-earned money and precious time fighting the City of Duvall over the much-publicized Millers Homestead development. Obviously, the Duvall City Council, no matter how those affected by the development felt or by what professional proof we presented, passed the development and gave it the Council's full blessing.

   I have been trying unsuccessfully to contact Elizabeth Goode, director of Public Works for the City of Duvall, to answer some outstanding questions that I have had concerning the Millers Homestead development. I have left voicemail (her mailbox seems to be perpetually full) and even sent a fax to her almost over a year ago. Both requests have been ignored up to this point.

   According to the last plans that I saw on the Millers Homestead development, the developer will be putting a drainage ditch in front of my house. This certainly concerns me, and I would like answers to my questions. What type of ditch? How big of a ditch? Is it going to be an open ditch? Is my driveway going to be ripped up? When will construction on this ditch start? Who is going to maintain this ditch? Those are only the beginning of my questions.

   The ditch in question used to be an open ditch. However, the owners of the homes on the north side of Miller Street paid to have the ditch filled in and closed years ago. I am assuming (and I know that is a risk) that the homeowners will be financially compensated if the ditch is re-opened. Right? I do not think that my questions and concerns are out of line. The property that I own and the street that I live on are in question.

   Finally, what does it take to get potholes filled and a street paved in Duvall? At the end of Miller Street, where it intersects with 3rd Avenue, there are several large potholes that need to be filled in and fixed better than they have been in the past. Potholes ... sinkholes ... soon it won't make a difference.

   Besides the potholes at the end of Miller Street, driving up Miller Street is an adventure in itself. There are many large dips in the street that make it a very bumpy ride. Why can't the street be fixed and paved properly? Maybe if a member of the Duvall City Council lived on Miller Street, the street would get fixed properly. Or is that another silly assumption on my part?

   Now, I realize that I am not a long-term Duvall resident, but I do care for the community that I live in. I moved to Duvall for the beauty, the quiet, and the small town atmosphere. I also realize that Duvall is not going to stay the same over the years to come, but I feel that the City of Duvall and the Duvall City Council owe their citizens the right to safe and sane development.

   I certainly do not want my property negatively impacted over the course of the Millers Homestead development, and I certainly do not want Duvall to lose its small town charm to a bunch of development-hungry city politicians. As a tax-paying citizen of Duvall, I want answers to my questions and concerns. Every citizen of Duvall has this right and should expect it to be fulfilled.

   By the way, when is the county going to stop the insanity on Novelty Hill? Just one more thing that I have to take in stride when it comes to life in Duvall. Arrgghhh!

Stephanie A. Zimmer, Duvall