Northwest NEWS

June 26, 2000


Experience on committee will be cherished memory

   I would like to thank the Maltby Neighborhood Alliance (MNA) and the Maltby community for the wonderful opportunity to serve on the MNA Executive Committee.

   Each individual who is and has served on the MNA Executive Committee has taught me so much about service--about how everyone that gets involved can give so much of their talents and time to reach for those things they believe in. I give thanks to each of you for your support, dedication, and persistence in reaching for your beliefs.

   The experiences I have had will be cherished memories--starting from the first introductory meeting about the Pacific Topsoil issue, to the development of a long-lasting community organization that is built to watch over, protect, involve, and uplift the Maltby community.

   The strength of the MNA Executive Committee members gives the basic foundation for this organization. Community involvement is what gives the leverage to accomplish community desires. The MNA is for the community and run by the community. The future of your community lies in your hands, the hands of each and every community resident. The future will bring change. The type of change and the impact of that change are in your hands. You have the opportunity to build the community you desire to live in. Stay involved!

   My family, Debbie, Shawna, Shane, myself, dogs, cats, goats, and ducks have moved across the county borders and now reside in another wonderful community in east Woodinville. This move was not without much thought and discussion for the last couple of years. I look forward to continued community involvement in my new neighborhood as we get settled in.

   The members of the community best represent a community alliance. Because we now live outside the Maltby community, I will give others a chance to serve, and thereby submit my resignation as the president and member of the MNA Executive Committee.

   To the acting members of the MNA Executive Committee and Maltby community, I wish you all the very best with a bright and wonderful future.

Guy Lamoree, Woodinville