Northwest NEWS

July 3, 2000


To the people of the Snoqualmie Valley...

   Just one month ago now, a fire claimed most of our home east of Duvall. Initially, our family of six was stunned and in shock. But within an hour of our first phone call to look for temporary housing, thirty-five people showed up at our house ready to help. And this help has not stopped since.

   The wonderful people of this valley have been there all month with wheelbarrows, boxes, work gloves, hammers, meals, clothes, washing machines, places to stay, encouragement, cash, trucks to haul our things, and dozens of other needs that we did not know that we had. Yet.

   This outpouring of love and generosity has both humbled us and caused us to be proud that we live in the Snoqualmie Valley. Such graciousness quickly removed much of the fearfulness and sense of loss; replacing them with the feeling that we were being carried over a rough spot on arms too numerous to name.

   Thank you all so much for being there and walking with us.

Don and Susie Marshall, Tia, Maile, and Kenya; Duvall