Northwest NEWS

July 3, 2000


Writer is trying to protect her home value

   Since submitting my last letter to the editor that ran in the June 28th edition, I have gotten a few answers to my concerns. However, the answers regarding opening up a drainage ditch in front of my house did not come from the City of Duvall Public Works Department. The answers came from Neal Coy, Site Representative and Developer of the Miller's Homestead development.

   I would like to thank Neal publicly for taking the time to answer my questions and showing me the development plans as to what is going to happen to my property and to my neighborhood. This issue has been emotionally charged from the beginning, and by Neal providing answers to my questions, I now have a better understanding of what is happening. Once a person has a better understanding of a situation, better educated decisions can be made.

   My neighbors and I are trying to protect our investments in our homes, and the developers of Miller's Homestead are trying to protect their investments in the development. That is understood. What I don't understand is why the City of Duvall is not just as concerned with protecting existing neighborhoods and upcoming neighborhoods.

   At any rate, I would again like to thank Neal Coy for being open to communicating with those who have concerns.

Stephanie A. Zimmer