Northwest NEWS

July 3, 2000


One person can make a difference

   I am writing this letter to you concerning birds of prey and the destruction of their habitat. I have recently volunteered at the Sarvey Wildlife Center and I can say that there has been a significant amount of birds that come in due to what I think is the destruction of their habitat. Their habitat being destroyed causes them to look for another place to live. The birds looking for other places to live makes them vulnerable to anything such as people, cars, and other animals.

   Around my neighborhood, and probably other areas, too, I have noticed more than enough trees to make room for businesses, apartments, condominiums, houses, and fast food restaurants. In a three-mile radius from my house, I have seen three different apartment complexes go up, three fast food restaurants, and a big business park. I think that the state should hire people to come look and see what homes and habitats people are destroying before they start building.

   I decided to do a year-long school project on birds of prey because they have fascinated me and I wanted to somehow help out the community. Working at the Sarvey Wildlife Center, I have been able to see injured birds rehabilitated into good and maybe releasable birds.

   It is great to know that if just one person reads this letter, or maybe all of Washington, they can go and make a difference just like I have by working at a rehabilitation center.

Matthew Holm, Bothell